SECON Agriventure LAB

Background of the Company

SECON AgriVentures Private Limited is a Joint Venture Company formed by SECON Foundation (SF) and SECON Pvt Ltd (SECON), Bangalore, to promote innovative agriculture and agribusiness in Kodagu and other backward regions.

SAGV main farm is at Andanipura, Kodagu District, Karnataka for implementing its corporate mission and vision. In addition, SAGV has a demonstration farm near Bangalore. SAGV has a state-of-the-art Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory at Bangalore, for more information visit

Corporate Objectives and Activities
• Commercial Agriculture and Horticulture
• Nursery Management
• Livestock Improvement and Management
• Promote Value Chain in Agriculture
• Agriculture Research, Extension & Development
Plant Tissue Culture: The Lab has been essentially designed
for Plant Tissue culture and for R&D in Biotechnology. The
Laboratory Comprises the Sterile area of Class 1,00,000 and
the Non Sterile area.
Laboratory Location : Whitefield, Bangalore.
Products : High Quality ‘Grand Naine(G9)
Banana Plants • Cultures sourced
from High Quality fields and Israel; also produce Yelakki and Nendran
•Ex Agar, • Net pot • Poly bag / Jiffy
Production Capacity : 4 Million Plants per annum
Hardening Facilities : Bangalore and Andanipura, Kodagu
Other Products : Ornamental & Foliage Plants,
Orange & Pomegranate

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